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Rubino in Black and White

22 illustrations by Antonio Rubino, ca. 1910–1914

The first eight images in this post come from the database Indire: three from Tesoro dorato ed altri racconti, five from Pippo Sizza Aviatore.

Most of the remaining scans come from the wonderful book Antonio Rubino: I libri illustrati by Santo Alligo.

See all 50 Watts posts on the Italian illustrator Antonio Rubino (1880–1964).


The Sedentary Pie - The Hairpin

this needs 2 more slice that slices: work & alcohol
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Anjana Iyer’s ‘Found in Translation’ series


Affiche de #Banshee saison 2 avec le personnage joué par Lili Simmons. 
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Hotdog Centipede
(via Joseph Gordon Levitt Rotoscope Animation by Carliihde on deviantART)
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